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Cassida Semacon Coin Counters Counterfeit Detector


Currency counters are ideal for business that processes medium to large amounts of cash money daily. Our currency counter models are designed specifically to meet the needs of retail stores, gas stations, family & fast food restaurants, grocery stores, vending operators and many other small to mid-sized companies. These high-speed cash money counters solve the needs of a wide variety of businesses without the higher prices normally associated with bank grade equipment.

Cassida Currency Counter  $169.00

Currency Counter

Whether you are a grocery store looking for a currency counter to reconcile your cash revenue at the end of the day or a busy bank branch continuously processing coins and paper money.

Cassida Coin Sorter $225.00

Coin Sorter

Cassida C100 is an all-in-one solution for any coin handling need. Just fill the hopper which can take up to 1600 coins, and let the machine sort and count for you

Semacon Currency Counter

Semacon Counter

The S-1400 Series Currency Counter is a Bank grade cash money counter ideal for any business that processes large amounts of cash daily.

Semacon Coin Counter

Coin Counters

The S-100 Series coin counter is ideal for any business that processes medium to large amounts of coins and tokens daily.

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Counterfeit Detector

What is a Currency Counter? 

A Currency Counter is a device that counts money in the form of bills and coins.  They are typically used in business applications that handle large amounts of cash in the form of bills and coins.


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